Course Home Page – STOR 881 Object Oriented Data Analysis – Spring 2022

Instructor:    J. S. Marron


Office:   352 Hanes Hall



Course Notes

  1.   STOR881-01-11-2022.pptx:  Organizational Matters, OODA Book, What is OODA?, Taste of OODA Examples (including Spanish Male Mortality, Amplitude – Phase, Shapes, Sounds, Faces), 3 Major Phases of OODA.
  2.   STOR881-01-13-2022.pptx:  Visualization, Scatterplot Matrix Views, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Object Space – Trait Space, Scree Plots.
  3.   STOR881-01-18-2022.pptx:  Define Modes of Variation,  Prob. Dist’ns as data objects, PCA Toy & Real Examples, Limitation of PCA: Apple, Banana, Pear.
  4.   STOR881-01-20-2022.pptx:  Limitations of PCA: NCI-60 Data, OODA Terminology, Caution about DWD, Inference using DiProPerm, Marginal Distribution Plots.
  5. STOR881-01-25-2022.pptx:  Marginal Distribution Plot Analysis of Drug Discovery Data, Normalization and Correlation PCA, Transformations, Melanoma Data.
  6. STOR881-01-27-2022.pptx:



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