Skwerer Brain Artery Tree Notes

Detailed Instructions for exploring Matlab Workspaces (one for each case) constructed by Sean Skwerer:


I setup a dropbox folder with one Matlab workspace for each available case:


File descriptions:

NormalAXXX.mat contains the tree for subject XXX.

SubjectInfo.mat contains basic data i.e. age and gender.

NormalDatabaseUnprotected.txt contains more detailed basic data.


The subject ID numbers are from 1 to 108, but only 97 made it to this stage.


This data has been made available by MIDAS

please review and follow the terms of use described on this webpage.


You can load one of these files in Matlab, and explore the tree as follows.




>> T

T =

V: [1×116361 struct]

subjectNumber: 1.00000000000000e+000

>> T.V

ans =

1×116361 struct array with fields:





>> T.V(i)

ans =

parent: 30.0000000000000e+000

xyz: [1×3 double]

radius: 1.00000000000000e+000



>> T.V(i).xyz

ans =

113.535835164000e+000    92.8317222600000e+000    13.0404963006000e+000


The radius and xyz position are in mm.



Also, you may find the resources in repository for our persistent homology analysis paper useful. The brain artery tree structures (without sphere radius), persistence diagrams, and code to replicate the results from our AOAS paper can be downloaded from the following dropbox link: